Hike Tour of the Pointe des Follys


    A tour to discover the Abondance cheese and la tomme. From the Ponite des Folly, the landscape of the Valléey of Abondance is very nice!

    Mark 1: from the Essert car park, just before the bridge on the right, take the path then on the left the forest path. After the wooden bridge, follow
    the path to Frogy’s road that takes you to Fremoux Dessous. After the last farm, the asphalt road stops. Continue the path on about 100 m and turn right in the direction of the chalets de l’Essert. After a beautiful fir grove, you arrive at the Fremoux Dessus mountain pasture.

    Mark 2: after the last chalet, take the grassy path on the right, which initially descends for 50 metres with few marks. The path goes into the forest.
    and crosses two sunken corridors. Just after the spring (wooden basin), go up above the Vergay chalets. Leave the forest track at the level of the
    sign, taking the path on the left. Beware of the many “cow paths”.
    The path narrows then passes a rocky area where the water oozes, and reaches the Ecuelle mountain pasture.

    Mark 3 : reach the chalet in front of you, then follow the track that goes up to the Ecuelle pass from where you join the marked circuit of the Portes du Soleil tour.
    Continue on the rather steep track until the top of the chairlift, the highest point of the route. Gently start the descent until you reach the television relay antenna.
    Mark 4: from the antenna, nice panorama on the valley of Abondance, the summits of the Swiss Valais and the capital of Abondance, then go down to the chalets of Essert.

    Mark 5: turn left onto the main path that goes down through the forest.
    to Fremoux Dessus. From there, you will find the uphill route to the Essert car park.

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