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Pêche lac des plagnes Abondance


Accessible by car, it is full of trout, char, perch and whitefish. The wide variety of species guarantees superb fishing all season. There are some very big specimens of trout and char that are fishable due to the clarity of the water.

The lake’s specifications: altitude: 1191m, surface area: 6.8 hectares, maximum depth: 5m. Access by car.

Fish variety: brown trout, rainbow trout, char, perch, tench and rudd.

Fishing competition.

lac de tavaneuse pêche abondance


Only accessible on foot from the Prétairié car park (2h15). It is wonderful experience fly fishing at the break of day at this mountain lake.

Surface area: 2.5 hectares, maximum depth: 6m.

Fish variety: brown trout, char, minnow.

Fishing in the River Dranse in Abondance

The River Dranse in Abondance (outside the nature reserve: from La Pesse stream to the Pont du Moulin (La Chapelle d’Abondance) and from the village bridge to Offaz bridge (Abondance) is one of the most splendid native trout populations in the region.

Regulations: 1st class circuit. 5 trout per day and per angler, netting at 25cm. Fish variety: brown trout, chub.

Type of fishing: all techniques.

Other places to fish include rivers or lakes

  • Lake Fontaine (Vacheresse)
  • Lake  Arvouin (Chapelle d’Abondance)
  • Lake  Darbon (Vacheresse)

Fishing in private lakes in Châtel: – Lake Vonnes and Lake Mouille. Initiation and perfection possible.


It is mandatory to have a fishing permit for the rivers, mountain lakes and Lake Léman.