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lac des plagnes Abondance

Explore the Lac des Plagnes

Situated in a green setting and accessible by car, the Lac des Plagnes is an essential geosite of the UNESCO Chablais World Geopark. It is a very popular place for hikers, fishermen or simply nature lovers.

Abondance fromage patrimoine

Taste Abondance cheese and its specialties

Who has never tasted Abondance cheese? If you have committed this crime, you are in the best place to make up for it! Many producers will offer you Abondance, farm quality PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).

Take the opportunity to also try Berthoud, the specialty of the region, made from Abondance!

The pays d'Evian vallée d'Abondance heritage

The vallée d’Abondance, the plateau de Gavot and the pays d’Évian form a territory between lake and mountains with a rich, plural and complementary historical heritage.

From the shores of Lake Geneva to the summit of Mont de Grange, at an altitude of 2432 metres, the pays d’Evian vallée d’Abondance also has unique landscapes ready to be explored.

carte PEVA

The pays d'Evian-vallée d'Abondance map

Get inspired for your hikes and discoveries by means of the map of the Pays d’Evian-Vallée d’Abondance territory!

Pays d'Art et d'Histoire

All of the municipalities in the pays d’Evian vallée d’Abondance are labeled Pays d’Art et d’Histoire. This label is awarded to local authorities, which engage in the animation and enhancement of their architecture and heritage.

maison du fromage abondance


The Maison du Fromage Abondance combines two places in one structure: a cooperative for maturing cheese and the Abondance Cheese visitor’s centre.

After a fun, scientific and sensorial visit, discover all the interesting facts about this valley’s emblematic cheese. From the cows grazing in the Alpine meadows, to the cheese’s manufacture and to the odours of the cheese maturing: you will know all there is to know about Abondance cheese!

Abbaye d'Abondance patrimoine culture

The Abondance Abbey

Be told the story of this abbey which has dominated the village since the 12th century and discover an architectural, artistic and religious heritage of great renown.

Place of life of the monks, the monastic buildings bear witness, even today, to the power of the Abbey in the Middle Ages.

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